Cyber Monday sale on Instant Pot Duo – In case you missed it Friday…



Amazon’s Black Friday sale on my favorite pressure cooker had some glitches, so they are repeating the sale on the Instant Pot Duo at $68 for Cyber Monday. If you missed the sale Friday, now you have a second chance. Don’t delay – I believe that supplies are limited.

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 []

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  1. Cary Hill /

    Mike, I hope you and your family had a wonderful thanksgiving. Based on your continued recommendations, I finally ordered one and it’s scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I look forward to now begin trying all of your pressure cooker recipes I have been missing. Thanks for your continued enjoyable and informative blog.

  2. Excellent…phew! I was pretty down about missing the Black Friday deal that you posted and thought I’d better check back for cyber Monday– so I was happy to click over to Amazon via your site. Much appreciated.

  3. Finally got the InstantPot. I’ve been hoping to end up with the Brevillie Fast Slow Pro, but $70 vs $250 made the InstantPot Duo too hard to pass up.

    My wife bought me a christmas present last Friday that I had to tell her about on Saturday.

  4. Aaron Friedman /

    I missed it, again.

    • Oh no. I was thinking of you when I posted it!

    • I HOPE this helps a tiny bit as consolation. I bought my IP at full price and have not regretted it one bit.

      • Thanks, Lea Ann. I bought mine full price, too, and (as you can probably tell from the blog), I’d buy it again in a heartbeat at full price.